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    2015/2016 WHS Sports Awards Banquet
    Athletes of the Year

     Congratulations to Caroline Woodside (Female Athlete of the Year) and Andrew Blaszczyk (Male Athlete of the Year) 


    US History II: Woodstown High School had the opportunity and the honor of having as their guest speaker Mr. Chick Osborn of Alloway.  Mr. Osborn is a Vietnam War veteran and spent two days with the students sharing his experiences.   Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Knight and the students in their classes want to express their thanks and gratitude.  We are the home of the free because of the brave.

     Chick Osborn

     Wounded Warriors
    Route for the Brave is a group of cross country walkers who raise funds to help veterans.   The walk is a fundraiser in support of Helping Hands for Freedom’s effort to build a retreat house for military members and their families who have endured multiple deployments, been wounded, or who have died in the line of duty.

    The walk this year started today, April 28th in Atlantic City. 
    The walkers will be ending their day of walking near Woodstown High School the afternoon of April 29th after walking 26 miles and stopped by WHS for a break and visit with some of our students.


     Wounded Warriors
     Wounded Warriors
     Wounded Warriors
    The display includes 430 pinwheels. Each pinwheel represents 10 deaths caused by underage drinking per year.  There is an average of 4,300 deaths caused by underage drinking per year, per the CDC. Last year the display was a huge success, and we received great media coverage of the event. 


    Boys State 2016
     Boys State
    Girls State 2016
    Girls State
    Girls Career Institute 2016
    Girls Career Institute



    Rotary Youth Leadership Awards




    Prom Court

    Prom King:  Trey Parker
    Prom Queen:  Georgeann Batten
    Taylor Waters
    Megan Murphy
    Felicia Secaur
    Rebecca Johnson
    Dylan Varner
    Lucas Brody
    Jared Facemyer
    Shawn Chasten 


    WHS Student Upstanders
    Congratulations to Woodstown High Schools' Student Upstanders!  These students wrote positive essays on what it means to stand up to bullies and to be an Upstander!
    TCC Sportsmanship Team Captains
    Spring Captains
    TCC Sportsmanship   
    Be Loud
    Be Proud
    Be Positive
    Sportsmanship It Starts With You! 
     WHS Wolverines of the Month 
    Sera Snyder & Geoffrey Schaefer
     May Wolverines 
     May Wolverines
    Chardae Booker-Hayes & Andrew Blaszczyk
    June Wolverines
    June Wolverines
    Rotarian of the Month
     Rebecca Johnson
    May Rotarian
    Rebecca Johnson  
     Kristen Paolizzi
    June Rotarian
    June Rotarian
    WHS Blue Envelope Letter for 2016



    Dear Parents/Guardians of the Class of 2016:


    We are continuing a “Wolverine” tradition for our seniors by encouraging relatives, friends, and teachers of our 2016 graduates to honor our students through the Blue Envelope program.

    Parents/Guardians please notify grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers, friends, clergy, neighbors, and anyone who has mentored or positively influenced your child’s life to send a special note of congratulations on his/her upcoming 2016 graduation. We encourage you to send a request as soon as possible to family and friends through e-mail or any means of your choosing. This will give everyone plenty of time to think of what they would like to say to the special graduate. The Renaissance Committee will carefully collect all the notes/cards/well wishes sent to the school. We will keep them safe and confidential until the Senior Breakfast where every senior will receive a large Blue Envelope filled with all the well wishes and congratulations! Please fill their Blue Envelopes! Deadline is May 13, 2016.


    You may photocopy or scan this letter and send it to all your family and friends. This is a surprise event for each of the graduates, so please remember to keep it confidential! Please do not delay!

    You can drop off your cards and letters to the main office or you can mail them to the school using the following information:



    STUDENT’S FULL NAME                                                                    

    c/o Ms. Nikole Vogel (student’s last name begins with A-L)  

    c/o Mrs. Coleen Coombs (student’s last name begins with M-Z)


    140 East Avenue

    Woodstown, NJ 08098


    Let’s show the Class of 2016 that they are indeed special to us, and that we acknowledge their achievements of the last thirteen years!



    Please keep in mind that letters will be collected for over 200 students. It is IMPERATIVE that you follow these guidelines:

    ·       Send only cards or letters NO larger than 8”X10”

    ·       NO packages

    ·       Do not send anything of value to the school since we cannot be responsible for it (ie:   cash, checks, gift cards, etc.)

    ·       If sending several envelopes inside a larger envelope, please put the student’s full name on ALL envelopes

    ·       Keep letters and cards flat

    All cards and letters must arrive at the school by FRIDAY, MAY 15, 2016. We CANNOT accept anything after this date.   We encourage you to send your letters as soon as possible.




    Woodstown-Pilesgrove School District

    2016 Physical Education Uniform Order Form

    (located on the main HS webpage under links)



    SM: _____   MED: _____   LG: _____   XL: _____   2XL: _____   3XL: _____   TOTAL: _____



    SM: _____   MED: _____   LG: _____   XL: _____   2XL: _____   3XL: _____   TOTAL: _____



    SM: _____   MED: _____   LG: _____   XL: _____                                                  TOTAL: _____


           TOTAL AMOUNT: _____


    Payment can be in the form of cash, money order or check payable to: Woodstown High School


    Student Name: _____________________________________________ Grade: __________


    Phone: ________________________ Email: ______________________________________


    Please submit your order by July 1, 2016:

    Mailing address: Woodstown High School

    140 East Avenue, Woodstown NJ 08098

    Attention: Shelley Mealey

    PE Uniform Pick-up will take place the first week of school during the students Physical Education class.


    Physical Education (PE) Uniforms                                                                               

    • Middle and High School students are required to wear a uniform for PE to promote good hygiene.


    • Students are permitted to wear uniforms from previous years, as long as they are in good condition.


    • PE is held five days a week. Students must be prepared each day starting Monday, September 12th.


    What if I need more shorts or tees during the year?

    • All students can purchase additional PE uniforms (limited number of extras) in the locker room from a PE teacher.



     Paint Night




    Dr. Hoopes @ WMGK Radio Station
    Dr. Hoopes at WMGK Radio Station
    with Radio Personality Andre Gardiner
    Big News from The Student Store!
    We can now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards!! If you wish to purchase this way, please fill out the appropriate information on the Online Order Form and email it
    to lynch.k@woodstown.org andwhsstudentstore@icloud.com. Thank you for your support of The Student Store!
    The Student Store:        

    The WHS School Store services primarily Woodstown High School, but we also provide services for the Woodstown community members, alumni, and students elementary and middle schools. Though the store has been up and running for many years, Mrs. Lynch and the students design all of the items in conjunction with a local graphic designer, so everything is original!  We are very proud to announce that a new store has been built for us, and is now entitled, the Wolverine Den.  This will allow us to vastly expand inventory to service our students, staff, and community better...We can customize designs for your Woodstown based team or business by request. 

      Yearbook Information
    2016 Yearbook order and advertisement deadlines are this Friday, January 8th.  
    The cost is $90 for the yearbook: 
    Online Orders- go to www.ybpay.lifetouch.com.  
    School number 11793816
    Checks payable to :  WHS yearbook
    Order forms can be downloaded from www.woodstown.org 
    Senior and Business Advertisements due Friday, January 8th.
    Order Forms can be downloaded from www.woodstown.org
    If you have any questions please contact our Yearbook advisor Mrs. Judy Heineman at heineman.j@woodstown.org 
    We realize that during many of our events it is difficult to find parking, but it is important to note for all parents/visitors that parking in the fire lane is strictly prohibited.  We have been informed by the Reliance Fire Company and Woodstown Police Department that this needs to stop or tickets will be issued.  Please be reminded that if you are here for an event or at any time during the school day that you must be parked in an approved designated area or you may run the risk of having your car towed/ticketed or both.  We thank you for your cooperation in dealing with this difficult issue.  
      Bullying at WHS

    Woodstown High School continues the availability of an anonymous online reporting system for students and our staff to use in cases of bullying or harassment.  The form is easy to use and it will go directly to an administrator who can help to solve any of the issues that are listed.  Please go to our website at www.woodstown.org and click on the “Bullying Stops Here” logo.  Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Richard Senor, Assistant Principal, directly at senor.r@woodstown.org should you have any questions related to this issue. 

    Keep abreast of important happenings at Woodstown High School - to access issues of the Principal's Newsletter, click on the link below. 
        Principal's Newsletter-December 2015
    Principal's Newsletter-May 2016
    Athletics schedules can be found on 
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