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    Woodstown High School
    Strikes Gold with Discovery of 1976 Time Capsule
    story & pictures by Brittany M.  Wehner 
    Time Capsule  

    An accidental discovery revealed a buried treasure in the front lawn of the Woodstown High School -- a 1976 bicentennial time capsule containing history from over the years.

    The unexpected capsule was dug up when the district replaced the high school's front sign. When the sign was replaced, workers accidentally struck the sealed keg, which will now be put on display in early April.

    "We didn't know what it was -- we came upon it by mistake. We thought it'd be unique to repack it and bury it again for 2076," Doug Hathaway, with the Woodstown-Pilesgrove school district and historical society, said Monday afternoon.

    Surrounded by various articles, trinkets, and memorabilia from the Woodstown High School Class of '76, Hathaway and principal, Dr. Scott Hoopes, carefully separated the priceless items.

    A great ceremony was held -- Yankee Doodle Day -- and the capsule was buried only to be found years later. 

    To read more about it click on the link below: 

    Big News from The Student Store!
    We can now accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards!! If you wish to purchase this way, please fill out the appropriate information on the Online Order Form and email it
    to lynch.k@woodstown.org andwhsstudentstore@icloud.com. Thank you for your support of The Student Store!
    The Student Store:        

    The WHS School Store services primarily Woodstown High School, but we also provide services for the Woodstown community members, alumni, and students elementary and middle schools. Though the store has been up and running for many years, Mrs. Lynch and the students design all of the items in conjunction with a local graphic designer, so everything is original!  We are very proud to announce that a new store has been built for us, and is now entitled, the Wolverine Den.  This will allow us to vastly expand inventory to service our students, staff, and community better...We can customize designs for your Woodstown based team or business by request. 

     Yearbook Information

    The cost of the 2015 WHS Yearbook is $80.00.  You may pay by credit card by visiting the website www.ybpay.lifetouch.com. Our school code is 11793815.  Order forms and checks can be mailed to:

    Ms. Emily DuBois
    Woodstown High School
    140 East Avenue
    Woodstown, NJ 08098
    We realize that during many of our events it is difficult to find parking, but it is important to note for all parents/visitors that parking in the fire lane is strictly prohibited.  We have been informed by the Reliance Fire Company and Woodstown Police Department that this needs to stop or tickets will be issued.  Please be reminded that if you are here for an event or at any time during the school day that you must be parked in an approved designated area or you may run the risk of having your car towed/ticketed or both.  We thank you for your cooperation in dealing with this difficult issue.  
      Bullying at WHS

    Woodstown High School continues the availability of an anonymous online reporting system for students and our staff to use in cases of bullying or harassment.  The form is easy to use and it will go directly to an administrator who can help to solve any of the issues that are listed.  Please go to our website at www.woodstown.org and click on the “Bullying Stops Here” logo.  Please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Richard Senor, Assistant Principal, directly at senor.r@woodstown.org should you have any questions related to this issue. 

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