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Woodstown-Pilesgrove Educational Foundation

Please consider a contribution and / or becoming involved with the WPEF. The WPEF suporrts education in our scholl system by supplying financial aid and grants to teachers and administratiors. Without this support, special needs and projects could not be accomplished due to tight budgets.

The WHS Renaissance Program

Woodstown High School has joined many other schools in New Jersey and around the country as part of the Renaissance Program. This special organization rewards students for achieving their goals of academic excellence, school/community involvement, good attendance and positive discipline. Students who are entitled to carry a Renaissance card will have it issed during the honor roll breakfast. The students can redeem these incentives throughout the marking period in which they recieved the card.

The Renaissance Program also serves as the foundation for the Alumni Program that maintains this website. It is our intention to expand Renaissance to our alumni and our community. If you have any ideas or would like to become involved, please let us know.